I'm using a session variable to search on something

1. I click on a link and go to a screen action with the value as input variable.

2. I assign the input to the session variable.

3. I use a Widget_click to go to another screen action witch should refresh the data based on the session variable.

The problem is when I go to the second screen action the session variable is empty but in the first screen action the session variable has the right value

Does anyone see the problem here?

Hi Maurice,

Could you provide an oml file so that we can take a look at the issue?

Kind regards,


maurice staal wrote:


sorry I can't do that :(

Maybe this will help.


Hi Maurice,

Try to pass arguments and don´t use the session variable. As far as i know session variables are loaded from the database on every request and the changes will be stored only in the end of the request you are doing. 

I will try to post here a better answer later.

Kind regards,

Pedro Gamelas

PS: When you are using the onClickSearchInvoice you are changing the session variable but the request will only be finish in the end of the widgetclick action (refreshTable). When you are at the refresh table action you are "looking" to the last cache of the session variable and not to the changes you have done. 

Thats why you can solve it easy by passing the information through arguments