Web Blocks


I have a web Block that contains 3 tables. When the tables have many information it appears on the web Block a vertical scrollbar. Does anyone know how to show all the tables information without the scrollbar?

Best regards,
Tiago Reis
Hi Tiago,

I'm not sure I completely understood your question, but I'll have a try ...
Web block are basically a way to create reusable components, they just include it's content in the "consumer" web screen (the one where you placed it).
If you have a vertical scroll bar on your web block content you probably have some other element with a fixed height (such as an iframe or a div) wrapping your web block. Check the "consumer" web screen for such an element (you may need to check the element Style property to determine if it has fixed height or not)

Thank you João in fact I had a div in the web block. Solved.
Tiago Reis