Remove Unused Dependency Bug

Hi there,

I use Java Stack.

Yesterday my coworker use that facility and my action become invalid.

Why? It is because i use an external entity only once that is in Advanced Query and I think the tool cannot parse if the entity is used in there so the tool uncheck that entity dependency.

regards, may it is repaired soon. 



Hi brrr,

Thanks for reporting, I'll pas it on to Outsystems.



Can you please send me more information about that bug? It would be very helpful if you could send me the following information (it can be in private) so that we can troubleshoot the problem:

- The oml where the bug happens

- The action and the entity being removed


Sorry, I cannot send the .oml, it is banking project.

I ll explain again:

# there is an entity in Advance Query like "select from from {thisentity}"

# and thisentity is external entity, so i manage dependency it

# thisentity is ONLY used in the Advanced Query

# when the remove tool is running, it uncheck the manage dependency



Thanks a lot for the information. Are you sure the advanced query is properly refering the entity?

If it appears in the find usage it shouldn't be removed. Consider this simple example:



The case is not the same - i put the {ExternalEntity} in a variable of type String sql = "delete from {ExternalEntity}"

Then use that sql inside Advance Query.

When I click the find usage on that ExternalEntity, it is not found in that string sql. Try it.

And it is java stack and web application.


Hi brrr,

If you create SQL code in your program, then inject it into a SQL Statement by using an expand inline variable, how on earth is Service Studio supposed to know you've actually used the table??

I would suggest the easiest way to have SS recognize it's being used is creating an Entity Diagram and drag it over there. That should stop SS from removing it.

Thank Killian,

I just report the bug, if it can be fixed it is good. If not, yes let it be, at least others know this bug.