Where can I see what roles have access to a page

I am attempting to create a single if formula to only show menu options when the user has access to a specific page. In order to do this I would need to be able to make a list of page, role associations however I can't find a system table which gives me this information

Hello Richard, 

you can find the role table for sure and about the screens maybe the best way is to create a static entity with all the screens. This should be enough for you to reach what you want. 

Hi Richard,

You can define which roles have access to the screen as shown below:

If you want your menu items to be visible to a specific role you can use the following functions:

CheckRole(Roleid,GetUserId()) will check if the current user has the role which corresponds with the given role Id.

CheckAdminROle(GetUserId()) will check if the current user has the admin role. This function exists for every role available in your application.

Just use any of these functions in your ifs or the 'visible/display' attribute of your menu item or container to decide which parts should be visible to which role.

Hope that helps!