I'd like to suggest a modification to the 1-Click Publish process.
At present, on the upload part of the process, it verifies if there's another version with the same content on the server and if it does, the oml isn't uploaded.

Could you change this behaviour and put up a dialog option asking us what to do? Perhaps something like: "A version with the same content was detected on the server. What would you like to do?". And then, 3 buttons with the options:

- Continue uploading this version and Publish it
- Don't upload this version, but Publish the Espace
- Stop the Publishing process
Hi Gonçalo,

Why would you want to create a new version of the component in the database if the one you are uploading is equal to a previous one?
Hi Rodrigo,

For 3 reasons:

1º - Sometimes I change something in the OML and it still says "already a version with the same content".

2º - Sometimes I want to stop the publication process once I see I'm uploading a version already on the server, and I can't do that after the upload.

3º - This is the most important reason of all. We, the developers, should have total control on this process and not have the software making the decisions for us.

This is why I suggested the 3 options, much like when you try to publish an OML and it verifies that there is a newer version published.
Hi Gonçalo,

Regarding reason 1, when you bump into this problem please submit the two omls (the one in the server and the one saved in your local hard drive). This is a malfunction very difficult for us to overcome because users usually don't submit the problem, and we have no way of reproducing it.

Regarding the other reasons, we have the philosophy of not bothering developers with irrelevant questions as long they don't remove needed control from developers. We will discuss and consider your feedback internally to address in future versions of the Agile Platform.

Thanks for your feedback and cooperation!
Ok Rodrigo,

I'll submit the oml's when it happens again.
And thank you for considering my request.

best regards