Input filename widget

I need the content of a '~' separated file, which is somewhere in the filesystem, to be inserted in the database.

I tried to use the File_ReadTextLines (Filesystem extension). After that I can split each line by '~' with String_split (Text extesion) and put each part in an Entity or structure attribute.

My problem is that the Input File Widget, which I use to select a file in the filesystem, does not return the path of the selected file. The path is a required parameter for File_ReadTextLines.

I search the forum but cannot find any topic related to this problem.

Does anyone know if there is another method to get data from a '~' separated file into the database, or to retrieve the path of a selected file?
The input filename widget, already hase the Input_filename.content, this content contains the binary content of the file.

After converting this input_filename.content to Text, with the Binarydata extension, you can spit it in lines and fields, with the String_split.
The method you suggest works fine.

I split the file in lines with NewLine() as delimiter and the line in fields with, in my case, '~' as delimiter.

Thank a lot for your quick respons.