ECT Questions


I have some questions about the ECT component.

1º - Imagine I define a rule on the ECT Backoffice, stating that only 10 users can use ECT. Where is the code that Shows/Hides the ECT WebBlock, from a specific user ? Is it part of the platform or the OML ?

2º - Is it possible to change the size and appearance of the ECT "circle" ?

3º - If we need to add some functionality to ECT rules, like having User Profiles that can access the ECT in the same way that User Roles work, can we do it, or are we dependent on the ROLES table in Enterprise Manager ? User Profiles are different than User Roles for us, that's why I'm asking. We would like to use both.
Hi Gonçalo,

Can you explain with a bit more detail what are your business requirements so that we can understand them before giving solutions?

Further information on what is the architecture you are using is also useful. E.g., are you using Enterprise Manager, a customized Enterprise Manager, other?

We would like very much to understand the problem.

Hello Rodrigo,

I'm trying to evaluate how much dependency exists between the ECT oml and the platform, or if it permits some costomization. It seems to be very dependent on the Enterprise Manager Entities, and I'd like to know if it would be possible to extend the ECT rules behond the USER_MATER and ROLES entities, to other entities on custrom made applications.

There's potencial in installing ECT on some "old" costumers. And since they don't have Enterprise Manager, hence my questions. Also, here in our own internal installation we have some other tables, that we would like to consider adding to the ECT rules, but this is very specific for us.
Hi Gonçalo,

It is possible to extend ECT as you please, but with two conditionings:
  • You will loose the ability to apply patches costless when new versions of ECT are released
  • You will void ECT's warranty regarding support cases
I would suggest, as a rule of thumb, that you instead put the effort in normalizing the factory to the standard practices, e.g., install Enterprise Manager and refactor the applications to use it.

The customer will be better served this way, as you will reduce his maintenance costs ahead. Please remember to negotiate this with the customer and making explicit what are the pros and cons of customizing ECT instead of normalizing the factory.

This said, if you prefer to customize ECT_Provider, then the Action that is called to decide whether ECT is shown to a particular user is the ShowFeedback in the WS_ECT web service of the ECT_Provider eSpace.

Hi Rodrigo,

You are right and I agree with you. Every customer should have their application structure normalized. But I'm predicting that we'll have to do some customizations, based on my knowledge of their way of functioning.

Thanks for your input. In regards to my 2º question, could you point me in the right direction ? Is that circle made by javascript commands ?
Hi Gonçalo,

Currently it is not possible to change the ECT size and appearance. Please let us know shall that becomes necessity for us to evaluate the specific requirements in context.

Hi Rodrigo,
Does OutSystems have a WebService that we can consume in order to get the issues from ANP (with all the information we put in the ANP)?
Something that would be very useful is when we changed the status of the issue to solved or closed in the ANP, the issue on our side would be set to hidden.
Is there a way to do it?
Best Regards
Paulo Portela