Deployment is waiting for configuration or confirmation


I am trying to deploy from DEV to PRD. I included a new extension in the deploy.  After I stared to deploy I got this message: Deployment is wating for configuration or confirmation.

I completed the config in PRD but now I am stuck on the step below. Whenever I click on the link inside the orange box I get a page error:

I also tried to cancel the deployment but I dont have permission even though I am the admin of the environment.

Please help, how do I get this deployment to continue? 


You need to configure your Logical database, since you are using the external db through integeration studio, can you refer the link below,

Hope this helps,



Hello, I did configure the database in production. But the deploy does not continue. How do I get the deployment to continue after I completed the configuration? 

I eventually uploaded the solution pack directly to the production environment and the app is working. But the deployment is still stuck so I cannot deploy anything else. 

Dear Vonnelize,

Did you try clicking on the configuration or confirmation link. In an ideal case this should take you to the service center --> publish solution pack. In this screen you have to map the connections. 

Below video can help you.

Please let me know if it helps. I am also eager to know whats happening. since you are an admin it should be straight forward.



Hello, I completed the configuration in production correctly, then I clicked on the  configuration or confirmation link on the deployment page , but the link does not work. It takes me to the error page. Please see my original post for the screen shots and the steps that I have tried already. 

Hi Vonnelize,

I think you need to create a support case for OutSystems to look at it.