Dynamic Tree for Load-On-Demand Content

Dynamic Tree for Load-On-Demand Content


We need an AJAX runtime-modifiable tree widget.

A quick search through the forums reveals this post:
in which Paulo Ramos says, "The eSpace in attach contains a web block designed for dynamically building a tree".

I've tried to alter the record list (in a copy of the sample) at runtime, but an AJAX refresh of the widget doesn't have the desired effect (for example, adding a record to the tree's record list and refreshing the widget does not work as expected).

Can a Load-On-Demand tree be easily implemented using either JSTree or the TreeWidget component? If not, how easy is it to incorporate a third party widget?

Or, does anyone have any better suggestions / recommendations? Maybe I'm using the widget incorrectly :-)

Many thanks!

Hi Ashir,

Can you set the WB inside a div and then try to refresh the div instead?
--José Martins