Email_Send notification

Email_Send notification


Is there some kind of mechanism (a flag or so) that allows notifications up on received email? Something like Request read/delivery receipt?

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Pedro Dias
Hi Pedro,

Hi believe you can add a "Return-Receipt-To:" header to the mail message headers.
To do this you need to parse the Mail output parameter of the RichMail.RichMailCreate and add that header in the headers section of the message before using this in the RichMail.RichMailSend.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

I tried to do everything like you said but with the "Return-Receipt-To:" does not work.

I changed only the "Return-Receipt-To:" to "Read-Receipt-To:" and "Disposition-Notification-To:" and it works.

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Tiago Lopes
Tiago.can you post an example.I want to make it too but i'm not able

Hi Filipe,


If you are using the new OutSystems Agile Platform 5.0 you can take a look at Email Extended Properties to define those MIME headers.



Tiago Simões 


I'm using 4.1. Is it possible to post an example of how to manage these headers in this version of the platform?

Thank's in advance.

Francisco Neto