Questions about migration from v10 to v11

We are considering migration from v10 (java) to v11 (.net).

Currently, we are verifying the application migration from v10 (java) to v11 (.net), but after migration, the following error occurred when testing the application.

I heard that there are no bugs when migrating applications from v10 (Java) to v11 (.Net), but I found three bugs.



Let me ask you a question below.
· Does the above error occur when migrating from v10 (java) to v11 (.net)?
· If you have experience with migration, please advise on other bugs detected and notes.


I don't know where you get the idea that a migration of that kind would occur without bugs when even in the same stack there are some issues.

Yes, it's possible that those issues are upgrade related, but your scenario is not totally clear, so helping you solve those errors without knowing what happened it's hard.

I would advise you to try to get help directly with OutSystems via Support.