Display records which do not match condition


I have 2 tables. One contains start times assigned to employees, in the other table I have my times , telling me that its morning or evening.

In case of Table1.starttime=Table2.starttime I can match these 2 to assign the starttime.id with correct number , 1(morning) , 2 ( evening).

How can I display in completely new aggregate times that do not match with each other. For example

Table1.starttime = "09:00:00" but I dont have this time in my table2 so I want it to be displayed  and then I will be notified , hey ! during importing your employees we detected 2  unknown times , here they go "display" and then I can create them in table2.

Thanks for help !

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Hi Jakub,

Can you provide oml or some screen shot of entites. it will be more helpfull to understand this.


Rahul Sahu

Fist Table:

Second Table:

If the StartTime that comes with First Table do not match StartTime in my Second Table please notify me what time is it and display it in pop up.


Hi Jakub,

Create a function which take StartTime as input parameter and take one output  IsMatched as boolen to return true or false.

apply your logic to check to check StartTime in second table. if this is matched return true else false.

and use this function on your screen where you are selecting data from first table  and if funtion return true than condition matched else notify user.

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu


Can you provide screen shoots or oml file. It will be more helpful to understand this ...

We can close this topic, I need to rebuild my data model first to achieve what was mentioned.