Create a simple For Cycle

Create a simple For Cycle


Is there a way to create a simple For Cycle? based on a variable that can change based on the amount of data to handle?

The for each only receives Record i guess it cant be used.


Without using a foreach node, you'll have to build that logic using an If node in a loop, ensuring your control variable is updated and checked on each iteraction.

Never tried to see if it could connect the logic...but I hespected that sould be someting like that.

thanks for the quick reply

Yes there is...

first create a local var.

Then assign it the start value.

use a if widget and check if its over. If yes go to end...
If not... go to a flux and go back then to the If widget...

for example:

index=0; (assign)
if index<100 (if widget) --if True--> go to a flux ---> index=index+1 (assign) -----> make a flux back to the If widget. else
go to a end.

In attach there is a sample oml that shows what im trying to explain...
hope it helps...