Creating forms on button click

Hi everyone,

I wanted to create a button that on click opens a form or container like the one below. Is there any widget for this? These add buttons don't have a limit. Kindly help.

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Shivya Pant

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Hi Shivya,

I don't know if I got it right.

But if you are trying to add a form by clicking the Add button, you can do that using a form inside a ListRecord, your Form variables should reference to ListRecord attributes, and whenever you click the Add button, you must run ListAppend the local variable of type list.


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Hi Shivya,

Complementing the Pedro answer, you can use a webblock inside de ListRecord, follow a sample attached.


Hi Shivya

  • Screen Local Variable (Boolean Type) and ShowContainer Button Action:


  • ShowContainer = False (Local Variable Properties)

  • MagicContainer within IF widget (Assing Name to the IF widget)

Button Action:

1) Assign ShowContainer = True

2) Ajax Refresh the IF widget

Hope you understood my implementation as well as explanation.

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Nuno Verdasca

Hi Shivya,

1) Create a local Variable called isClicked and set to false.

2) Create an if statement and place the container that you want to appear in the true branch. The condition of the if should be the isClicked variable.

3) In the action flow of the button assign the isClicked variable to True.

4) Then just refresh the section of the screen that has the if statement.

This will display the container after the button has been clicked. 

5)  Right click the if statement and click "enclose in container", then give this container a name so it can be located by the Ajax refresh.

6) Within the action flow of the button, after the variable is changed to true, placed a Ajax refresh and in the pop up that is displayed, select the container that was created in the previous step.

When the button is clicked that section of the screen with then be updated. 

Let me know if that helps,

Nuno Verdasca