Set time out on RichMail.HTTPGet

Set time out on RichMail.HTTPGet

To generate some complex excel files we use the MultiSheetExcel espace:
This MultiSheetExcel espace uses a.o. HttpGet from the RichMail extension to get the content of predefined .aspx pages to include as sheets.

However, in our case those .aspx pages have rather intensive screen preperations *. This causes the page to take a long time to load and in some cases generate an operation time out. As I understand from Microsoft documentation, the default time out for a http request is 100 seconds. This is also what we experience when encountering operartion time outs.

Is there a way to change the timeout period voor HttpGet in Outsystems? Or another approach to solve these timeouts?

* = This is due to to fact that the sheets can have a variable number of columns depending on the data, prohibiting the use of Table Record widgets. The content of the .aspx pages is generated by taking the results of several complex queries, format that to a specific HTML string and inserting this into the page.

Is there anyone who knows how to solve the problem mentioned on the original post?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
Carla Almeida
After posting my question about the timeout of Richmail.HTTPGet, I found a solution/workaround later. I replaced the action with the "GetRequest_Submit" action in the "HTTPRequestHandler" extension. This GetRequest_Submit action allows you to set a timeout.

I'm trying the GetRequest_Submit but still get the same time out as HTTPGet.
Anyone has another way of doing this?
My scenario has HTTPS.


Also don't forget that the request can also fail on the other side. Is the page working if you request it on a browser?

And also that the request of where you are calling the extension can also timeout. Unless it is a timer, you will also need to call the SetTimeout action from httprequesthandler to prevent it from timeout

João Rosado
Yes, the page work if called directly in the browser.
It takes some time to open but it works just fine.

Using GetRequestSubmit it fails right when it's calling, after a few seconds, it doesn't print any of the Audits in the preparation of the page.

Using HttpGet it goes inside the preparation but eventually fails and shows the exception error in the page.
Strangely it shows all the audits so I might gess it's something regarding the rendering of the page...

I deleted the table widget, so now I have a black page but it shows the same error....
The exception that is thrown is inside the action that calls the HttpGet or GetRequest_Submit and not in the preparation of the page beeing called.
Hi Nelson,

I think you have multiple issues there.
First the GetRequest_Submit probably fails fast becuase it does a HTTPPost, and your page may be expecting a GET only? Or you didn't set a big enough timeout.
An alteraltive method can be found in the ardoHttp extension in the forge. It allows to do a GET and set the timeout.

Another problem it can be like I mentioned, the request of your preparation will also timeout eventually, and that can be controlled by SetRequestTimeout.

If you continue with problems, please post the error stack from the error log you get on Service Center, so we can help you better troubleshooting it.

João Rosado