1. App is ok.

2. I sent the mob app URL via mail to someone.

3. He tried to download the app(in android mobile (Version 9)) by clicking on the link in his/her mail, but he/she clicks on the link the URL is not loading, so app cant able to download.

4. But i tried with other iphone and other android(Version 9) its loading good and downloaded successfully and app running normally.

5. And URL is not loading while shared link via sms, skype and whatsapp.

6. When loading takes much time to load like 5 mins, it gives "Your connection was interrupted" or "This site can't be reached" error page.

If anyone has any idea, could you share?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Thanigai, 

Did you try to copy the link and run it directly on the browser (chrome)?

Best Regards

Hi Francisco Freire,

Thanks for your reply.

yes, i tried that also. But its giving the same error.

Hello again,

Is the Chrome running in anonymous/ Private mode?

Hi Francisco Freire,

Now its working Francisco, i just clear my mobile chrome cache and data and then its loading fine. But still i dont know the exact problem. Anyway thanks for your responds.

Hi Francisco,

But that URL not loading on IOS Private page only, do you now why?

Thank you.

Hello Thanigai,
The URL to download the apps doesn´t work on IOS Private Browser.

The reason is, if I am not wrong, Safari doesn´t store any data in localStorage when the browser is in Private.

Best Regards,

Francisco Freire