I'm using secure device plugin for restrict rooted and jail broken device. But in secure device they checking pass code also. But i don't want pass code check. I want to bypass the pass code check or else is there any other plugin for only restrict rooted and jail broken device, could you suggest something plz.

Thanks in advance.

According the the documentation of this particular plugin, the initialization of the plugin is when all of the checks take place.  In order to bypass the passcode check, you would likely want to fork the GitHub repository and modify that fork to your own needs.


Looking in the src folder for both android and iOS, in that repository, it seems like it would be fairly simple to do what you would like to do for your specific use case.

All that said, my personal feeling is that anybody that doesn't have a passcode on their smartphone, should probably not have a smartphone.  I suppose a use case could be a shared device where nothing personal is on it, but again, that's just my personal opinion.