How to get "Refresh References via Service Center" information from Systems tables


On Service Center we are able to distinguish which versions were published by a refresh done using Service Center as they are marked as "Refresh References via Service Center". Does anyone knows where that information is stored so I can use it on another applications?

Thank you in advance,

Ricardo Sousa

Hi Ricardo,

I've been doing some tests.

And I think you can find your answer in the Espace_Version entity

I followed these steps:

1. Change User Provider Module to 'ServiceCenter'

2. Add Espace_Version Entity from System

3. I made an aggregate joining with the Users table and filtering by my Espace_Id, or Espace_Name

4. I went to the service center and compared the result

I did this check in other modules, and whenever the user is administrator, the service center shows the text "Refresh References via Service Center"


Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your study and feedback!

I had checked that and any account can have that tag, I think in your case that matches because you only use (I assume) the Administrator Account to refresh the dependencies and republish solutions.

I have also checked all other attributes of the Espace_Version, Espace and Publishing entities and I couldn't find any attribute that could give me the desired information.

Currently I'm using "Service Studio Version" because the modules published by the service center use the service studio that is installed on that same server and usually that's a older version and only changes if someone access the server to upgrade it. But as a developer can also install that same version this is not a 100% guaranteed process.



Filipe Figueiredo from Outsystems Customer Success gave me the required feedback:

"The entity that stores that information is called CommitMessage however, that entity is not publicly available through the System module since it was developed to be only available for internal and proprietary use of the OutSystems Platform."