Carousel doesn't display when list has 1 record

Hi there,

I have a list record widget with cards on a page, and each card is to display a carousel of records. If for a card there is 1 record to display, the carousel is empty. If for a card there is more than 1 record to display, the carousel only displays the dots, like this:

The MR-00001 is a case number and the number below is the count of records. If i click one of the dots, that record displays:

If there is just one record for the card, there is no way i can get the record to be displayed. With inspection of the page i see that there is a carousel below the one, it just doesn't display. I also don't want to have to click on the dots to display the record. I just want that if there is 1 or more records for a card, that the record(s) is.are shown.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi Wilko,

could you please show us your widget tree

Bruno hi,

The card looks like this, where the list has the records for the carousel:

The card itself is part of a webblock, that displays the available cards:

This webblock is on the page.

Hope this helps.

As a workaround I created a manual flip where i have a left and right button to flip through the records for the card, that works well but without all the fancy options of the carousel. The carousel is prefered.