Agile Platform 4.0 will be discontinued worldwide, effective November 15th

Agile Platform 4.0 will be discontinued worldwide, effective November 15th

Dear all,

At OutSystems, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to you. As we continue to offer new versions of the Agile Platform with exciting new capabilities, OutSystems will discontinue mainstream support and maintenance of version 4.0 of the Agile Platform, worldwide, effective November 15th, 2009.

Generally, as expressed in the maintenance terms and conditions, an Agile Platform version, as identified by its first two digits, is discontinued two years after its commercial release date. Last year we decided to extraordinarily extend the Agile Platform 4.0 support and maintenance given customer usage.

- What’s new in the recent Agile Platform versions?

Since the release of the Agile Platform 4.0 (in mid 2008), two more versions of the platform were released providing a set of innovative new capabilities. Currently, the Agile Platform 4.2 offers you selective deployment of applications to configured nodes in a farm, single sign-on across multiple applications, support of newer J2EE and .NET stacks, and built-in support of AJAX, to name a few.

We take this opportunity to remember these new capabilities are available to test in the Agile Platform Trial which can be downloaded for free in our website.

To know in more detail "What's new in the Agile Platform" please refer to the following documents:
- What happens after discontinuity?

After the discontinuity date, OutSystems will not release any updates for the Agile Platform 4.0, nor will provide support and maintenance. Backporting of fixes or support to the Agile Platform 4.0 will be provided only under custom agreements with extra fees.

- What do I need to upgrade?

Technically, before proceeding with the upgrade to the Agile Platform 4.2, you should check the breaking changes documents of the Agile Platform versions 4.1 and 4.2. These documents give you an overview of the introduced breaking changes, so that you can understand if any of them impacts your applications. If your applications only use standard functionality of the Agile Platform, these breaking changes should not affect you and the upgrade will be seamless: After being aware of the breaking changes and analyzing their impacts you must install any new platform requirements and should backup the platform database of all your environments. Afterwards you can install the newer version of the Agile Platform 4.2 in all your environments, starting with the development one, testing, and going forward to the other environments. The current installation files of the Agile Platform 4.2 can be downloaded through the links below. Note that newer releases can be available by the time you upgrade, which you can download through the Agile Network TechCenter: Once you launch the Platform Server 4.2 installer, a checklist will open giving you detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Remember that to be able to upgrade to newer versions of the Agile Platform, your support and maintenance agreement must be valid and live. If your agreement expired, please contact your OutSystems’ Account Manager. Further, licensing and pricing models of the Agile Platform changed since the release of the Agile Platform 4.0. Please discuss this also with your OutSystems’ Account Manager.

Please notify whom it may concern inside your organization regarding this discontinuation.

Sincerely and on behalf of OutSystems,

Rodrigo Castelo

As previously announced, OutSystems informs that the OutSystems Platform version 4.0 is now officially discontinued. This means that mainstream support and maintenance services are no longer available to customers using the OutSystems Platform 4.0.1 or any older version.

Should you have any questions or if you need any information regarding the upgrade process, please don't hesitate to contact our Product Support team at

Let me also take this opportunity to introduce you to the just released Agile Platform 5.0, which now includes Business Process Technology and a number of productivity improvements. Find out more about 5.0 in!

On Behalf of OutSystems,
                Pedro Oliveira

Well, considering that .NET Framework 1.1 mainstream support by Microsoft was already dropped more than 1 year ago, I can say this was long expected.


Let us finally say our final prayers for OutSystems 4.0 and welcome the new 5.0 version. Give it a try!

Farewell 4.0 ... it has fun while it lasted!!