How to provide placeholder (prompt) stlying to a Combobox


In our Silk based web app we use prompt/placeholder for the form fields and this gives us nice greyed styling for field with no values entered.

We would like to have the same styling for our combobox's.

Seems simple to have the "please select" special value styled as a prompt/placeholder but I can't make it work.

Anyone know how to help?



Hi Andy!

What I did is I took a screenshot of the webscreen where that Input and ComboBox widget reside and pasted it in Paint. Then I zoomed in real close to the area around the Input widget's Prompt text and used the Eyedropper tool on it. I clicked on the Edit Colors control and got the RGB value of that color. Converted it to hex and I got #868e96. Apply the hex color code to the Font Color under the Style tab in the Combo Box properties.

P.S. I couldn't find it in the CSS using browser inspect tools so I did the above. A crude workaround but I got the color.

Kind regards,
Joseph Enriquez