Oracle Express edition

I'm currently trying to install the platform server using an Oracle Express Edition database. I managed to run the oracle script that creates the users/tables.
But when I run the configuration tool and press the Test Login button, I get the following messages : "ORA-15250: TNS:listener could not find available handler for requested type of server". What's strange is that this message does not always appear. If I press the button 5 times the error message might not ever show up. But then when I press "Create/Update Database" it shows me the same error message again.
The database seems to work fine, since I can access the tables through TOAD. I have followed the checklist and configured the server in the suggested way.

This is an Oracle problem, not Outsystems.
When I google the error-code I get the following solution:
ORA-15250: insufficient diskgroup space for rebalance completion
Cause: The command attempted to reduce the available diskgroup space below the current space used.
Action: Consult V$ASM_DISK to determine the space requirements for the diskgroup contents, and repeat the command after making the required storage available.
Hi Saber

Make sure you you have the Oracle Client Tools installed (10g) in the same computer. Additionally, don't forget to set a Service name in you oracle client tnsnames.ora file, and the correspondent server and SID.

You should use the Service Name in the Configuration Tool under the SID input box.


Miguel João