Hi All,

We have a application running successfully in all the devices of iPhone but in iPhone 11 (version 13) alone we face some issue in the application. The app is installed successfully but while opening the application it stops in the splash screen itself, it not going to login screen in iPhone 11. 

Thanks in Advance.



Hi Arun,

When was the last time that you generated the application and reinstalled it on the iOS 13 device?

We've experienced a similar issue, and it was related to an OutSystems platform issue with caching on mobile devices.  A fix has since been applied and after generating the applications again they worked.

If regenerating and installing the application again does not fix the issue there is are some other debugging steps you can take.  If you own a Mac you can plug the device into the Mac and run the inspector on Safari.  Open the application on the device and immediately click on the open application listed under the device in question.  You should then see some errors in the debugger console when the splash screen is running.  You could then post those errors which will give more insight into the problem.