When upload widget selects a file where it gets uploaded ?

When I upload a file with upload widget in a web app, it shows file name and as soon as I refresh the page the file name disappears.

Where the file gets uploaded with the widget or it is just referring the on system and showing its name.

Please let me know.

Hello Piyusha,

When you select the file using the Upload Widget, the file was not yet uploaded to the server.
To upload, you need to "submit" (using Submit method), clicking on a link or button, with Destination to a Screen Action.

On the Screen Action, you can find the file under the <NameOfYourUploadWidget>.Content

If you named your upload Widget as Upload1, it will be in Upload1.Content.



With javascript when you choose the file, with the widget "Upload", you must run another screen action (with an hidden button). This screen action, have the function of adding the document to your database. 

The filename, mimetype, binarycontent is obtained with Upload.Filename, Upload.Type, Upload.Content.

I hope it helps.