How to reference static resources in Data -> Resources in a PWA Library

Using the latest version of PWA, Im unable to do much using Resources in Libraries.

I added a bunch of fonts into Data -> Resources however I cant seem to either define a new "Deploy to target" path, or even find a way to reference them. These were copied from an older Responsive Web App into PWA.

If I Import a new resource, I can only edit the Name, Description, and Public options. The "Deploy Action" seems to be fixed at "Do Nothing"

How do I reference resources?

Hello Marcus,

Afaik, OutSystems does not have yet PWA (Progressive Web Applications).

Are you referring to the new Library module under the REACTIVE Web Applications?

If So, Libraries are not meant to have interfaces, and so, they are not meant to be accessible from the client-side, only from the server.
So, you access the resources in the same way you access any resource that is not deployed, passing its content to someone that needs it: 

Hope this helps clarify.


Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you!