Is it possible to use placeholders without ThemeGrid classes?

I am trying to create a web block that allows me to use a repeatable style for inputs. I think the best thing to do here is to put in a placeholder in the web block that allows me to put inputs in the consuming screens (so I can just attach variables to them there), but the ThemeGrid_Width* stuff is driving me nuts. Ideally, the placeholder could just have no classes like containers can so the input I put in there can dictate the width.

This feels like something I should know how to do, so I'm sure there's some obvious solution but I've been at it for a little bit and I think I need some help. 


Hi Grayson,

Not sure I understood the problem.

Placeholders can have styles applied to them. This isn't enough? To style the inputs?
You can change the Width in the Styles Editor to "nothing", deleting the Fill option. (it will show a value after that, but in run time it will behave like a "span" instead of a "container", and so it will have no impact on the layout of the page.

If I didn't understand the problem, or if I am missing something here, please, let me know :)



... ugh.

Hey Eduardo, no you understood it - it was just late and I was having a total mental block. Turns out that yes, you can in fact just delete that field and everything works great. 

Thank you!