How to get data from Web block to web screen ? 

any output parameter in outsystem 10 ?


Hello Ayu, 


But you can 'notify' the parent of a web block. 

Use the Notify server action. It has an input parameter that is a Message (text). So you serialize any data you want to send through it. 

When you use the Notify in a wb, any instance of the web block in the page will require from you a handler to the OnNotify event (similar to the Popuo_Editor). This handler is a Screen Action in the page (parent). 

In the Handler, you can use the GetNotifyMessage to retrieve the message and than you can desserialize to use the info. 

Hope this helps. 


It depends of the information size that you want?

Is big or not?

Hi Ayu,

Eduardo is correct. 

Just be aware that the information passed by notify can only be of type text (If it is a list you will have to use String_Join).

And on the consume screen if you have more than 1 Web Block with notify you will have to manage it in your OnNotify action.