SQL Widget Doesn't Seem to Have List and Count in Reactive Web App

I'm using version 11 and have a reactive web app that I added a SQL widget to.  I have set the output as a structure.  But when I try to bind that structure to a table or list widget, there is no list property of the SQL output so it doesn't let me bind the data generated by the SQL widget to a list.

Did this go away in the reactive web app?

How can I bind the output of SQL to a Table or List widget?



Try and generate a list screen from a list screen template. Then you have an example how this is done in reactive web apps.

From examining the generate screen and screen actions you can learn how binding, paging and sorting should be implemented.



Hi Sylvia.

Have you tried a ListAppendAll action?

This action appends all records from an aggregate or SQL query to a list.

Best regards,

Miguel Prego.

You may want to create another variable, this time a list of the structure you're outputting and append all the items like the above comment then bind the list or table to that new list variable.


Thank you all....  You each gave me something new to go look at.  I think I figured what will work.  List wasn't coming up as an option in auto-complete while I was typing, but I found that I can put a space and put "List" in after the entity or structure and this seems to solve my problem.

There are so many things to learn in this platform.  :)  thanks for the help!