Mobile offline data sync in background app mode

I am using Outsystems 11 to develop mobile application for iOS.

The application has offline capabilities so user can create data even if there is no network connection. The data should sync when the network is online.

If the user creates some records while the network is offline and then hits home screen so the app goes into background, Is there a way to automatically sync data when network is restored without bringing the app to foreground?


Hi Nikhil,

You can have the sync work when the network signal switches from  offline to online.

However this only works while the program is running, it will not automatically happen if the app is on the background and thus is suspended.

To let the sync start on online, you can read the the official Outsystems documentation document this is explained in chapter 4.

You have to set the parameter value for SyncOnOnline to true.



Are there any workarounds/forge plugins that can enable triggering SyncOnOnline whilst the app is not active (in background)?

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