ListInsert and ListRemove actions

Hi everyone,

Actually I am using list insert and it seems after inserting the element in the desired position it adds an empty item to the list.
And if I am using list remove then this is making the screen to reset the values to null!! Can someone please explain is this the normal behavior of the list. 

Thanks & Regards

Shivya Pant

Hi shivya,

The way you describe it is for sure not expected behaviour.

Than again, you are talking about insterting and removing items from a list, and I am not sure what you then write that "this makes the screen to reset the values to null".

Could you share your code? If possible in an OML with minimal code just to reproduce your problem?



Hi shivya :) ,

Try to do debug to your screen or server action, and see what are you inserting int the list, perhaps you are inserting two elements or try to see the moment that the empty item is added in the list.

In the remove it seems when you remove the screen, run the preparation again, but with the debug you can see why this is happening to your screen,

I hope it helps,

Nélio Dionisio



Thank you, everyone, for your reply. It is working now. :)