Hello everyone,

I’m starting in Outsystems 10. I know we can send a notify from a web block to his parent, but i have multiples web blocks, one inside another, and I need to send notify directly to the screen parent. Anyone knows how to do this?


Hello Pedro, you can use fakenotify RichWidget to define your OnNotify action in the screen parent, I'm using in my project.

After that, you have to following the next steps:

  • Name the fakenotify widget, use java script to call the fakenotify widget:
  • OsNotifyWidget('<FakenotifyWidgetName>.Id', '<message>').
  • Use the 'NotifyWidgetGetMessage()' built-in function in the flow of the 'OnNotify' screen action to get the <message> value.

Hi Pedro,

In Outsystems 10 Web Apps, there's no way for a Screen to directly get values out of a child Web Block. The solution for the Web Block child send data to its parent Web Block using the Notify Action. 

As we can only send text, for sending data structures you can use json deserialize in weblock child and json serialize in the Screen or parent Web Block, doing this way you lots of information in structures.

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You right Nélio, i didn't read well the question and i messed up the answer. I will delete the answer because it's completely out of context.

Hi everyone,

helped a lot!! 

thanks to all,

You're welcome Pedro, sorry, was thinking on actions when i made the answer. So, if you need to trigger a screen action you can use fakenotify widget.