How to tell how many application objects I have?

I have a scenario with Application Objects restriction.

I can't deploy my application in quality environment, I used all AOs of the my licensing.

How to tell how many application objects I have?


Hi, Bruno.

You can see your total consumed Application Objects in your environment through Service Center. For this, go to the Administration > Licensing in your Service Center. In the License Usage page, you will see the item "Application Objects"  in the OutSystems Features list (as you can see in the image below).

If you want to see the AOs actually consumed by each eSpaces, access the "Application Objects" link. 


H Bruno,

In addition to how Crystiano explained, it is good to know that there are also are also some OutSystems components that give you that insights, each with their own approach.

Additional information about Application Objects can be found here: