Get column Name! is it possible?


Can some one please provide with some help...

I'm trying to get from an Entitie (DB) the colum name, is there a way yo do this?

Hi Nuno,

Try to reference the "System" extension (usin Add/Remove references option) to access outsystems dbo.ossys_Entity_Attr and dbo.ossys_Entity.

Best Regards,
Rafael Pereira

I think that I placed the wrong question…

What I wanted to ask, was if exists the possibility to remove a value of a column of a structure and also remove the name of the corresponding column to fill a variable or whatever.

I want to make this because in the development phase, where everything is changing constantly, with this capability it wold be possible to add and remov columns of the structures of data more or less dynamically.

I do not know if I made my self understand.
But my English is not of the best ones.

Thx for the repply