I want to add a notification icon in my web app. I searched thru forge and saw in-app notification plug in but it uses firebase. Is there any possible way that I can trigger web notifications based on a given and created condition by me in my web app? ( I am seeing the type of notification like facebook or other social media accounts) Thank you.

Hi Dianara, if you want to implement an in-app without firebase. You can try the following:

1: Create an entity where you will store the notifications with flag of unread or not

2. Create a rest api that will count the notifications you havent read(This will the counter that will appear in the bell icon)

3. In the footer of your web app create an ajax call with timeout set like every 10s that will call the rest api you've just created.

4. Implement a click action to the bell that will get the unread notifications from your table.