Hello all,

We are using version 10 of the platform (10.0.1016.0)

And i am using 10.0.1018.0 version of service studio
I have a menu in the theme module, which is the underlying module of my application. The menu has references to the pages in the layer on the top of theme layer. How can I make a weak dependency to this modules?

This is for a web app by the way.

Hey Mike,

What we normally have it's just like what you have.The menu on different module , but instead of making OutSystems reference to those pages we just used the relative URL to those pages (/YourAPP/YourPage.aspx) , and when we use External URL to navigate from the menu to those pages. 


Hi Mike,

In OutSystems 10, you have to set an URL instead of screen destination. However, this happens automatically in OutSystems 11. Here you can find the documentation:



Thank you for your information and insights both :)
And for the link to the documentation.