We are using Outsystems 11 for developing a mobile application for iOS.

We are looking to implement authentication systems that allows the user to login using biometrics (touchId and FaceId) even when there is no Network.

I have looked in the Persistent Authentication mechanism which automatically logs the user in even if there is no network. 

In our scenario, we would like to limit the user session to only 30mins so they have to authenticate using biometrics if the application was in the background for more than 30minutes. They will not have network connectivity during this time. How can this be achieved for outsystems mobile?

Hi nikhil,

Outsystems has Local Storage Entities for mobile applications where you can temporarily store information on the mobile device while having no connectivity to the Internet. You can create an action to sync data in the Local Storage Entity to the database using a condition once there's a working connection to the Internet.

This article might be of help.

Kind regards,
Joseph Enriquez