find the entry module to debug

Hello everyone,

I’m new in Outsystems and I’m testing some functionalities. I’m trying to debug a producer module, but my consumer module is not on the list of entry modules. Anyone knows why?

Hi Lara, for it to show up, you need to go into the consumer module and refresh dependencies to the producer module, then publish it. When a consumer module doesn't show up it's because it's depencies are not up-to-date.


Try to refresh the dependencies of the consumer module and publish. When the dependencies are outdated the consumer disappear from the list. If this is not the solution check this documentation about debugging a producer module.

As doccumented:


Hi Lara,

Did you refresh the reference by publishing the consumer in service center or service studio?



Hello Lara,

This happens from time to time (unfortunately).
Not sure exactly why...

The most probable cause is that the producer was changed, and the consumer does not have its dependences refreshed.

But sometimes republishing the consumer and closing and open the producer after it works.
Twice (in the past) I had to start the debugger in the consumer first, but this is also not expected.

Once I had to close and open Service Studio again.

Hope this helps.


Hi guys, thank you all for you help. Was exactly that issue. I see that you answered me at the same time. I can only mark one person as solution. Mariana I see that exists three main causes to not find the entry module, thank you for forward me to the documentation, I have to search more before ask.