Writing good (user) stories

Writing good (user) stories

If I take a look at this http://www.agile-software-development.com/2008/04/writing-good-user-stories.html there they talk about small pieces of text.
If I compare this to the current setup in the course, there is much much more text to be put in in a story.

So what's the best way to go ? Use the card principal ( As a [user role], I want to [goal], so I can [reason]. ) or go into writing lengthy text in stories.
Hi Joop,

User stories should be as short as possible and supported by an underlying process diagram. Simple process diagrams that the customer can read and follow allow us to reach a common ground and guide the delivery team. With it you then you link the activities to their related work items and it's at that level that the card principle is one good way to write them.
Now beware that the magic is on creating simple and clear process diagrams that your customer can relate to and become part of it's creation, thus reaching the common understanding.

You can use UML activity diagrams or others graphical process descriptions, just pick the one that works for you and your customer.
Hi Joop,

User stories (by concept) should be as simple as possible so that no wrong interpretations can be done.
Remember also that the user stories may, actually should, be refined during the project as soon as you get more information on them. You can even split user stories on smaller user stories.
I went into a Scrum Product Owner training and the trainer classified the user stories in a hierarchy of 3 levels (depending on the detail): Epic, Theme and User Story.

Here it is a book recommended by the trainer (I did not have yet the opportunity to read it):