I am trying to use richmail to check a specific mailbox and present automatically the content of the body of that email. I've managed to check the subject but when doing the same to the body it comes empty. Attached the flow I am using. Does someone has an example?

Hi João

Is the body of the mail being placed in a variable? Is this variable being used in the screen, or anywhere else? If not, it may be that it is being optimised by the platform when compiling the application.

By the way, is it a mobile app or a Reactive app?


P.S. If you can provide a small example (just a simple OML with everything prepared to fetch an email, no need to the mail to have real credentials), we can test it. 


Hi Eduardo, thanks for the proposal. How can i save just this method in a oml? Because i guess when i save as i am saving everything i have in the app. And its a mobile app.


You can clone the module and strip out everything it is not required. 

We can then use your module to configure to our own mail and see what is the problem :) 

Hi Eduardo,

Please find attached the oml. Hope it works like that.




Hi João,

Did you notice that the Pop3GetMails action is configured to fetch only the Header of the mail, not their content?

Try to change this to False to see if it works.



Thank you Eduardo, that was the issue.