Input FileName properties

Is there a way to have the 'Input FileName' widget select only certain types of files, e.g. images? In .NET you can set the Filter property of a OpenFileDialog. How can I achieve this in the OutSystems world using the 'Input FileName' widget?

Hi Mark,

The InputFileName widget renders as an <input type="file"> HTML tag. This tag has an "accept" attribute (you could set it through an extended property) that theoretically does what you want but unfortunately most (if not all) browsers ignore this attribute.

It seems you won't be able to do that in any HTML based approach (the reference you made to the OpenFIleDialog is for Windows Forms only).

Hola Joao.

Thanx for your reply. I was just referring to the OpenFileDialog to give an example, not to indicate a possible solution. ;-) I should have been more specific there.
So basically, this is not possible using standard widgets. Any ideas on custom html / flash / silverlight stuff?