How can we open web block as a pop up


How can we open a web block as a pop up.

We have a main page which contain list record from there we have a detail page to create a new record.

We are opening a detail page as a web screen and it is working fine.

But we do not want to open as a web screen, we want to open a web block to add/edit the details as a pop up.




A webblock on its own cannot be opened as a popup.

Either you place it in a screen, but that is not what you want.

The other alternative is (and this works at least with OutSystems UI Web) to use a modal widget.

My experience is that the modal widget is best used only for simple dialogs like a confirm dialog.



Hi shahnawaz :), 

You can add web block to the popup screen as described in the below screen shot:

Set the Screen and in the MainContent put the web block.

I hope  it helps :)