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I'm using the popup_editor widget. And I am experiencing a problem that I have never had.
I have a list with Districts and when I click the first time to edit it, it works fine and run the preparation of the popup page as the expected. The second time I try to edit the same record it does not run the preparation and stays with the "old record".
The method of the button (to save in the popup) is Ajax, I have tried to change it to submit but he behaviour is the same. The method in the link is the expected Navigate.

Is there any ideias, for this possibe problem?
The same thing happens to me too. Is there a solution for this problem?

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A similar problem (#117353) which is possibly that one, was corrected in RichWidgets that's bundled with StyleGuide version 4.2.9. There were also numerous AJAX-related fixes in Platform Server Could you please let us know which StyleGuide and Platform Server versions you are using? It would also be nice to know if that issue occurs in every browser or if it's specific to some product (only Internet Explorer or only Firefox).

Best regards,
Miguel Ventura
Hi Miguel,

Sorry for my late answer. In my project, we are using the RichWidgets version 4.2.7. and the platform version is I have done a page to edit instead of a popup as a work-around. I will try to update the RichWidgets version and try that again, thanks.

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Nuno Mendes
Ok! After updating don't forget to let us know how it works out for you!
Hello everyone,

I was trying to use the popup_editor webblock, and the popup_editor_notify action, with an argument.

The only problem is that i don't find anywhere how to use the argument of this action. (The description of this input in RichWidgets eSpace, is not filled :-( )

Anyone know how to use this?

I will keep inventing, but if someone can help i will mostly appreciate it.

I am trying this to use in a Test_eSpace a screen from File_eSpace that allows me to upload files.

Once the file is uploaded i want to return the fileId back to the main screen, to the action that is going to be executed.

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

Hi Diogo,


You can use the NotifyWidgetGetMessage() built-in function in the OnNotify action of the PopupEditor web block to get that value.



Tiago Simões

Thanks, that did the trick