Installing Reporting Services

Installing Reporting Services


I got some "newbie" questions regarding the SQL 2000 Reporting Services instalattion.

- Do we need to have a Visual Studio installed on the server to be able to use the Report Designer Component? or we should use it on our workstation ?

- Can we install a Reporting Services Client Side on ours workstations and use data from the server so we dont need to have the Report Designer installed on the server? (is there any Enterprise Edition, client components only???)

- I readed about it on the MSDN website but in my opinion it was kinda confusing. Is there any resume or step by step about how to install it?

Best regards,
Luis Soares
Hi Luis,

Please follow the following tutorial to get a head start in using reporting services with OutSystems:

I am pretty sure that you can have the designer in your workingstation and publish the reports to the server.