Links visible in Editable Table

In a editable table that i´m try to implement, I need to add a link to submit some information to the server and replace the OnSave default action of this component.

The problem that I´m facing is that, in a non editable mode, the link is displayed and enabled and I can not hide the link in this mode and only show when the row is selected.



Hi Patricia,

To workaround it, I think that the best way is to add a Extended Property style = "display:none;"  to the link in order to by default, the link is not visible.

To turn it visible try to add this CSS to force the visibility : " .EditableTable tr.Selected a {display:block !important;}" because when you click in a Editable table row item a Selected class is added.

For security reasons I recommend to validate in link action if the action can be done and return a exception to avoid hacking actions.