OsPage_wtPFileERElements (Resolved)


I'm getting the following error when I select a check box in my app. The check box has a on change action that show's the content of an Edit Record called PFileER (It's a Edit Record with a Browse widget, to put attachments in my app).

Error is:
An exception occurred in the client script.
Error: Statement on line 1: Undefined variable: OsPage_wtPFileERElements Backtrace: Line 1 of inline#29 script in http://link-to-my-app/ScreenName.aspx. try {document.getElementById("wt_Submitwidget668844").elementsToValidate=OsPage_wtPFileERElements;} catch (e) { window.OsHandleException(e, window.osjs.osErrorCodes.UserJavascriptError, 'OsEvaluateUserJavascript'); }

Don't know what it could be.

Any Guesses?

Thanks again!

André Santos
I had a selectfile widget inside an EditRecord. Took it out, and it's all good now!