Getting Error response while calling BDD test scenario via rest api url

i have written BDD test scenario and able to access via brower url. But when i tried access via rest api for CI and CD provess i am facing below error. Please help me 

{"SuiteSuccess":false,"SuccessfulScenarios":0,"FailedScenarios":0,"FailureReports":[],"ErrorMessage":"There are tests in the screen 'TestSuiteDraftScreen' of eSpace 'SEA_UnitTestDemo', but no final results.  Are you missing the FinalResult block in the screen?"}



The BDD.framework has a webblock called FinalResult. If you do not see it in your app make sure to add a dependency to it.

Then drag and drop it after the last BDD scenario webblock on every screen that has one of more BDD scenarios.

This will ensure that OutSystems  can correctly calculate the number of tests that are successful and the total tests that fail.




Thank you so much Daniel. It worked