Disabling or deleting users in Service Center

Disabling or deleting users in Service Center

I have the platform running and I have a few questions regarding users.
We are running in development mode and licensed for 5 Service Center users.
Am I correct in thinking that this limits us to 5 developers?

If so, I need to delete two service center users and assign accounts to other personnel. If I 'disable' the users will that delete their previous work?

Thanks for your guidance.
Hi John,

You can disable and then re-enable users in Service Center as you please without any side-effect. All work and audit history of users you disable are kept by the platform!

To disable a user, simply go to the page of that user in Service Center (in Administration -> Users -> [The User you Selected]) and press the "Disable" button.

Further, after you disabled a user, you can always enable it later on. In the users list page of Service Center (in Administration -> Users) you have a combo box that allows you to list disabled users. Then to enable them, go to their page and press the "Enable" button.

Hope this answers!

Rodrigo Castelo