single Id for multiples records


I need to save with single Id for saving to multiple records. And also after that, I need to edit with same manner for mulitple records with based on id. 

Ex. for id : 10 records saved with one id (ID123). 

15 records saved with other ID(ID456)

While editing if retrieve ID123 - 10 records should disply and update all and saved. 

(Basically I am taking the source from other db (oracle) and that source displaying with group by and updating the records based on group by into leap db,

So, when editing i need to get back all based on group by how saved records need to retrieve and update in leap.) 

Thanks in advance,



Hi Gangadhara,

you should use a field called ExternalId that isn't unique and retrieve the records by that field.




Thanks marcelo,

But here external id is a unique and also i have created in leap dp table extra filed (shortageid with text) to save. But i have no idea how to save with single name likeID1 for multiple records, ID2 ID3 with accordingly. 

Also in source i dont have to write option to update or etc. I have to use leap dp target db only.