database upgrade problem


Because of the use of a external api I had to change the image from binary data to text. The external api gives back a url. 

but now I see in my personal enviroment this error message : 

Database Upgrade Error

Column 'OSUSR_WSY_MOVIE.MOVIEPICTURE' exists in database as Binary Data (varbinary) but the new version is defined as Text (NVARCHAR(50)). Database varbinary columns can not be changed.

Can I repair this or can I better start over again. The last one is not a big problem because I just started. 



I think this can help you:

Try to convert the text from the API to binary content and this way you can save in the table.

Hi Roelof,

please, check this information:

I hope this help you.
Nuno Verdasca

@Nelio : no luck 

@nuno I will look at those pages. Thanks

Why you put into the funtion TextToBinaryData both conditions?
The URL plus Binary ?


Another point, you need to go to the dependencies to get the TextToBinaryData function.


Nuno Verdasca


Roelof Wobben wrote:

@Nelio : no luck 

I may not be understanding the situation, but i was referring to the image result returned by the API.