Something that comes up from time to time is a request for the exact table we use to count Software Units in the Agile Platform.

Typically this comes from prospects who want to see it in order to really trust OutSystems and trust that we are not "fooling them" with how we count Software Units.

As such I'm attaching to this post the exact table the platform uses so that this can we can easily provided it to anyone that needs it. I also recommend that you look into the Agile Platform's pricing summary which explains the rational behind Software Units and how they work from a high level perspective. You can find it in the Sales area of the Agile Network.

One word of warning though: avoid at all costs to develop with the goal of minimizing the consumption of Software Units. That will most likely lead to unmaintainable code with a twisted architecture and destroy the rational for using the Agile Platform altogether.
As this is a common issue with some clients, I'd like to know if there is an updated version of this table for the 5.0 and 5.1 versions of the platform.

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Hi Pedro,

Check if the table we have here does the trick.


Paulo Tavares

Thanks for the promptly response. This is exactly what I needed.

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Back to the same topic :)
Is there a version fo this document for 6.0 version?
I think this should be included in the OS documentation (Downloads->Agile Platform and Documents) with every major version available
The software units table for the Agile Platform 6.0 is available in the Downloads section under Agile Platform/Agile Platform 6.0 or via the direct link

Each Agile Platform version folder has it's own SU table.